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  • TGFB24 Conference
  • July 24-25, 2024
  • Rocketown, Nashville

Render To God

Stewardship, Dominion, and the Economics of Glory

You have an economic worldview. Is it Christian?

Our goal is to help Christians think clearly, consistently, Biblically, generationally, and eternally about God’s design for people, government, money, and economics.

While these issues touch every aspect of our lives and we talk about them with loved ones, there is very little conversation about what God thinks about them. Many of us function as though God has been silent on political and economic issues, leaving us to process and faithfully navigate them alone.

Nothing could be further from the truth. God is at work in the world, and our hope is to shed light on what He is doing and what (if anything) it has to do with "magic internet money."

  • People
  • Government
  • Money
  • Economics
  • Bitcoin


Timely talks from Bitcoiners, pastors, economists & more

  • Jörg Guido Hülsmann

    Fellow at Mises Institute, Author of “The Ethics Of Money Production”

  • Michael Foster

    Pastor, Author of “It’s Good To Be A Man”

  • C R Wiley


  • Dr. Ben Merkle

    President, New Saint Andrews College

  • Mark Moss

    Host, The Mark Moss Show

  • Preston Pysh

    The Investors Podcast Network, Ego Death Capital

  • Jimmy Song

    Programmer/Bitcoin Core Contributor

  • Jonathan Leeman

    Editorial Director, 9Marks

  • John Moody

    Farmer, Founder - Whole Life Services

  • Dr. Glenn Sunshine


  • Parker Lewis

    Head of Business Development at Zaprite, Author of Gradually, Then Suddenly

  • Mike Peterson

    Missionary/Founder, Bitcoin Beach

  • Erik Hersman

    Entrepreneur, Founder of Gridless

  • Nate Fischer

    Investor, New Founding

  • Paul

    Founding Developer, Mutiny Wallet

  • Phillip Walton

    Engineer/Founder of Gridless

  • Mills

    Bitcoin Media/Author

  • Jordan Bush

    Executive Director, TGFB

  • Rev. Tim Fox

    Pastor, Christ The King Presbyterian, Austin TX

  • Skylar

    Design @ Finite Supply

  • Ahsh Hawthorne

    Founder, Brilliance Labs

  • Bitcoin Mechanic

    Global Head Of Communication and Sales, Ocean Mining

  • Stan Reeves

    Professor Emeritus of Electrical/Computer Engineering, Auburn University

  • Alin Armstrong

    Pastor, Author of “Bitcoin and The Bible”

  • More Speakers To Be Added Soon


Our generous sponsors make TGFB24 possible

Explore the moral and metaphysical foundations of money, and discover why Bitcoin is a surprising and timely tool in our rapidly changing world.

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Join us for an action-packed 2-day conference

Day 1 — July 24

  • Worship 8:40 AM
  • Conference Intro 9:00
  • Render to Caesar: What Authority Does the Government Have? 9:10
  • The Household and the War for the Cosmos 9:40
  • Break & Networking 10:10
  • Slaying Leviathan: Government Resistance in the Christian Tradition 10:25
  • Panel Discussion 10:55
  • Lunch Break 11:30
  • The Ethics of Money Production 1:00 PM
  • Financial Holiness 1:30
  • Christian Education in Light of Broken Incentives 1:50
  • Investing While Living in Clown World 2:10
  • The Debasement of Men 2:30
  • Break & Networking 2:50
  • Fiat Food and Sustainable Living 3:05
  • What Hath Bitcoin To Do With Jerusalem? 3:25
  • Panel: How Bitcoin Fixes Broken Incentives 3:45
  • Conclusion and Day 2 Preview 4:25
  • Dinner Break 5:00
  • Dirty Coin Film Screening & Panel Discussion 6:30

Day 2 — July 25

  • Worship 8:40 AM
  • Keynote 9:00
  • Bitcoin Fixes Real World Problems 9:30
  • Gradually, Then Suddenly 9:55
  • Break & Networking 10:20
  • Practical Intro to Using Bitcoin 10:35
  • Rest as God's Proof of Work 11:00
  • Lunch Break 11:30
  • Energy, Mining, and Human Flourishing 1:00 PM
  • Panel: Bitcoin Is World Changing 1:30
  • Bitcoin and 21st Century Villages 2:00
  • Panel: Freedom Tech Stack 2:30
  • Break & Networking 3:00
  • Panel: Bitcoin For Churches and Non-Profits 3:15
  • Panel: Bitcoin and American Politics 3:45
  • Audience Q&A 4:15
  • Worship 5:00
  • Conference Closing 5:10


Rocketown is located in the heart of downtown Nashville

601 Fourth Ave South, Nashville, TN 37210


Two flexible options to fit your schedule & interests

Need help managing your ticket? Send us an email at [email protected].