Introducing TGFB, the orange-pill for Christians

David Cotrone & Jordan Bush

Creating educational content and resources to explain Bitcoin to the Christian world. Founded and backed by Bitcoiners.

Our mission

TGFB exists to educate and equip Christians to use Bitcoin for the glory of God and the good of people everywhere through:

  • TGFB events/conferences
  • A podcast network anchored by the forthcoming TGFB Podcast
  • The development of videos/films/books designed to explain Bitcoin in a manner tailored to Christians
  • Consulting services to help churches, charities, foundations, Christian schools, universities, and missions organizations think through the many implications and potential applications for leveraging Bitcoin
  • Investment in grassroots Bitcoin projects

TGFB Media is the next step for the movement born out of the the launch of the book, Thank God For Bitcoin in January 2021. The response was humbling. That led to a prayer breakfast event at Bitcoin 2021 and ultimately to our standalone mini conference on the front end of Bitcoin 2022 in Miami. Beyond the quality of the keynote speakers and the panelists who spoke that day, it was the conversations that were happening in between the sessions and in the days after the conference that drove home to us just how many Bitcoiners were hungry for this conversation around God, truth, and sound money. 

There is an ever growing community of Christian Bitcoiners, and our hope and plan is to equip them with the best possible resources to explain the value proposition of Bitcoin to the people, businesses, churches, and other non-profits who in our estimation are doing the most important work in the world.

our thesis

There are 2.3 billion Christians whose annual income is estimated to exceed 50% of annual global income despite making up only 33% of the global population. 

Christians care deeply and invest significantly in the things that Jesus cared about: loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving their neighbors in the way that they love themselves. Practically speaking, this results in hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of man hours invested in the service of people the world over.

The nature of money (including the ethics of money production) is a pervasively consequential moral issue with deep ramifications for how we understand the world around us. What we believe about the nature of work, the nature of government, and even the nature of what it means to be human both impact and are impacted by our beliefs about money (and value more broadly).

Throughout history, decentralizing innovations have served to bring corrective order and protection against the immoral, oppressive, and idolatrous pursuit of power.

Fiat money is an immoral, unsustainable, and hubristic overreach of power that enables the redistribution of wealth, resources, and power from individuals, families, and the common interests that they share.

Bitcoin is sound, scarce, and decentralized money that submits itself to and embraces the thermodynamic realities that God designed to govern the universe, and as such creates incentive structures that align with and promote human flourishing.

Both non-profit institutions (like churches) that rely on donations and those to whom they minister have been and will continue to be disproportionately impacted by the death of fiat currency, and Bitcoin represents a life raft at the perfect time. 

We are not a “crypto” company. We are a Bitcoin company and will allot our time and resources to help Christians differentiate between the two. The stakes, especially for the global poor, are far too high to invest in risky projects that even thirteen years of history has demonstrated a) don’t have the underlying principles that Bitcoin does, b) likely won’t exist in four years.

TGFB will practice what we preach and model the future that we want to see: we will hold the majority of our corporate treasury in Bitcoin.

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.”

Galatians 6:10

We are excited to launch this endeavor and look forward to partnering with Christians in the Bitcoin space already, and helping Christians and Churches understand how Bitcoin is better money.

our team

Both of us have served as pastors and missionaries and have seen the devastating and partiality-inducing effects (both physical and spiritual) of fiat money both in the US and around the world. We don’t want the Church to be last to Bitcoin, but we recognize that there are factors that make Bitcoin difficult to understand. Our mission is to be translators, bridging the gap between the Bitcoin world and the Christian world.

Jordan Bush
Head of Content & Education

David Cotrone
Head of Marketing & Strategy
Twitter | Website

Jimmy Song
Robert Breedlove
Gabe Higgins
Lyle Pratt
Derek Waltchack

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thank god for bitcoin conference · Miami 2023


thank god for bitcoin conference · Miami 2023


thank god for bitcoin conference · Miami 2023

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