Thank God
For Bitcoin

We exist to educate and equip Christians to use Bitcoin for the glory of God and the good of people everywhere.

Understanding bitcoin can be difficult.

We help Christians appreciate why it's worth the effort.

Our goal is to educate & equip Christians to understand Bitcoin & use it for the glory of God and the good of people everywhere.

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Coming in 2022

Pacific Bitcoin Conference

We are working with the team at Swan Bitcoin to put together a mini-conference at the Pacific Bitcoin Conference, similar to what we did in Miami. We are also working with them to be a part of their event as well!

TGFB Podcast

Our first podcast is in production now! Checkout our website & social for more information as launch dates solidify.

TGFB Twitter Spaces

We will be launching weekly Twitter Spaces to discuss all things Bitcoin & Jesus that we hope can help us educate Bitcoiners about Jesus, and Christians about Bitcoin.

TGFB Meetups

We hope to launch TGFB specific meetups and groups to help educate Christians & Bitcoiners.

This is only the start of what is coming down the pipeline, so stay in the loop!

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thank god for bitcoin conference · Miami 2023

Thank God for Bitcoin 2023

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