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Explore engaging podcasts blending Bitcoin, Christianity, and crypto origins. Keep updated with current news and uncover the intersection of faith and modern technology.

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Thank God for Bitcoin
5 episodes
Latest on August 7, 2023
The Thank God For Bitcoin Podcast is hosted by Jordan Bush and exists to explore the surprising intersections between Bitcoin and the Christian faith. Join...
Thank God for Nostr
8 episodes
Latest on August 18, 2023
The Thank God For Nostr podcast is hosted by Jon and Jordan and explores the ins and outs of Nostr, the decentralized social protocol, through...
The Economics of Glory
2 episodes
Latest on June 30, 2023
The Economics of Glory Podcast is hosted by Jordan Bush and explores the Bible through economic eyes. Join Jordan, the head of content and education...
Faith Over Fiat
9 episodes
Latest on December 20, 2022
Faith over Fiat is a podcast about the intersection of faith and Bitcoin. Join us weekly as we speak with Bitcoiners & hear their testimonies...

Latest Episodes

Nostr 💜 ActivityPub with Alex Gleason
Jon talks with Alex Gleason about his time at Truth Social, his work on Soapbox, and how ActivityPub's federated model can be reconciled with Nostr's...
TGFN Book Club: Human Forever by James Poulos
In this episode, Jon and Jordan discuss James Poulos' book Human Forever and whether Nostr contributes to the technological dehumanization plaguing society today or offers...
What is Nostr? Part 2
In this episode, Jordan and Jon continue to answer the question, "What is Nostr," discussing how to get on Nostr, key management solutions, popular and...
TGFB Conversations: Nostr Basics with Jon (@Hodlbod)
In this episode, TGFB founder Jordan Bush talks with Nostr developer Hodlbod (Jon) to discuss the basics of Nostr and why Christians should get involved.
What is Nostr? Part 1
In this episode Jon and Jordan continue answering, "What is Nostr?" and discuss its implications on our social and political culture, including censorship resistance, incentive...
TGFB Conversations: Economics and Education with Brandon McLean Smith
TGFB founder Jordan Bush sits down with Brandon McLean Smith, archival editor for Westminster Magazine at Westminster Theological Seminary, to discuss the Christian heritage of...